What we’ve learned: Jose’s first three games.

It’s been a whirlwind for Spurs fans since the international break ended. We’ve said goodbye to our greatest manager in the Premier League era, welcomed in the serial winner Jose Mourinho, and saw our boys notch three important wins on the bounce. Say what you will about Poch, but he will go down as theContinue reading “What we’ve learned: Jose’s first three games.”

Where are they now? SPURS EDITION

Our beloved Tottenham’s season is finally in full swing after a painfully long, football-less Summer. The return of Tottenham also means the return of unbridled joy, last second winners, and the lifeblood of all Spurs supporters– the crippling disappointments! That being said, I’m as excited as anyone for this new season, and after just fourContinue reading “Where are they now? SPURS EDITION”